How to Make Beaded Bracelets

Pin Pal Charm Bracelet
Place a jump ring through the ends of two pins.
Place a jump ring through the ends of two pins.

This pin pal charm bracelet is so easy to make, you'll want to give one to all of your best pals. Safety pins play a key role in this beaded bracelet craft. Personalize and tweak your style each time you make one.

What You'll Need:

  • 19 small gold-tone safety pins
  • 1 package of seed beads
  • 8 gold-tone jump rings, 7mm each
  • 14 E beads in various colors
  • 80 inches of light-gauge, gold-tone beading wire
  • 4 small luster beads


  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Metal fingernail file or small screwdriver
  • Wire cutters

Step 1: Open a safety pin, and thread as many seed beads as you can onto its point. Make sure you're still able to close the pin. Repeat this step with 13 more pins.Step 2: Place two beaded pins face-to-face, with beads on opposite sides. Using your needle-nose pliers, open a jump ring, and put it through the "o" ends of the two pins.

Step 3: Place two more pins face-to-face. You will join these two pins together with the ones from step 2 with the same jump ring. Again, put the jump ring through the "o" ends of the two pins. Add one or two E beads to the jump ring before closing it.

Use the jump ring to combine two sets of pins.

Step 4: Open another jump ring, and join the "heads" of another two sets of pins. Continue joining the "head" and "o" ends of all seven sets of pins.

Step 5: To make the closure for your bracelet, take another pin, and use a metal fingernail file or small screwdriver to open the loop at the end of the pin. Thread seed beads onto the point of the pin, and push them around the open loop to the opposite side. Close the loop with the needle-nose pliers. With a jump ring, attach the "o" end of this pin to the end of the bracelet. Use this pin to fasten and unfasten your bracelet.

Step 6: To make the charms for your bracelet, cut four lengths of wire, each five inches long. Holding the four pieces of wire together, thread about 3/4 inch through the "o" end of a safety pin. Twist the wire to secure.

Step 7: Thread on a luster bead for the head of your Pin Pal Charm, and then add one seed bead for the neck. Separate one strand of wire for an arm, and thread on six seed beads. Run the wire back through the arm, and pull to the center. Separate another strand of wire, and repeat for the other arm.

Step 8: Trim wires to an even length. Then thread one seed bead onto all four wires to form the torso. Separate wires into two groups of two strands. String on eight seed beads to form each leg. Thread wire over the last bead and back through the leg to secure. Trim excess wire.

Step 9: Repeat steps 6-8 for the other three Pin Pal Charms. Then attach them to jump rings on your bracelet.

Attach the charms with jump rings to the bracelet.

After completing a pin pal charm bracelet, consider working with flowers. On the next page, learn how to make a ring around the rosy bracelet.

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