Frog Crafts and Activities

Making a frog craft is a ribbiting good time.
Making a frog craft is a ribbiting good time.
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Frog crafts and activities for kids will have kids hopping with excitement. Despite what some frogs may tell you, these fun kids crafts will have you thinking it's easy being green.

That's because the following frog crafts can be made in a flash. Which means more time to float a raft, watch tadpoles, pose a poseable frog, wear a playful hat, or win a round of tic-tac-toe.

Try the following crafts and activities to bring some frog fun into your life:

How Tadpoles Breathe

This hands-on activity lets you discover what tadpoles are doing in the water.

Frog Raft

Reel in some real frogs with this floating raft craft.

Puddle-Jumping Frog

This flexible frog will get bent out of shape, but that's a good thing.

Frog Visor

A silly hat that won't let you forget that frogs are always fun.


The traditional kids game gets a twist in this frog activity.

The first frog activity will have you getting your feet wet with baby frogs.

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