Animal Crafts

Animal crafts for kids are projects designed to keep kids busy. Try the animal crafts in this article to get creative and have fun while exploring the wonder of animals.

From simple art projects that flex your creative muscles to a wilderness-themed calendar you can enjoy year-round, there are animal crafts in this article for all kinds of animal lovers.


Explore the links below to get started on a great animal craft:

Animal House Nail Design

Cows and giraffes pay a visit with this great animal craft. Follow simple instructions to make this cool animal nail design.

Animal Litter Bag Craft

Transform a plain bag into something wild with this fun and simple animal craft.

Animal Track Stamps Craft

When it comes to animal fun, this craft gets the stamp of approval. Learn how to make your own animal track stamps.

Cardboard Animal Craft

Turn everyday cardboard and yarn into cool creatures.

Crispy Rice Animal Treat

These tasty animal-shape treats are fun to make -- and even more fun to eat.

Floppy Friends Animal Craft

Make adorable animal friends with chenille stems and poms.

Frankenstein's Animals Craft

Have a monster of a good time making this monsterous craft. Stretch your imagination to create your own unique animal.

Milk Jug Animal Craft

Transform an ordinary empty milk jug into your favorite animal with this cool animal craft.

Plaster Caster Animal Craft

Find a cool animal track? Make a long-lasting plaster cast of it with these easy to follow instructions.

Prickly Pets Animal Craft

Don't avoid pesky burrs on your next walk in the woods. Use them to make this awesome animal craft.

Rockin' Rock Pet Craft

You don't have to take this pet for a walk. Learn how to make cool rock pets with the simple steps in this article.

Thummies Animal Craft

This animal craft gets a thumbs-up. Learn how to make great animal drawings that start with a single thumb print.

Wilderness Calendar Craft

This animal craft is a great way to keep track of all your animal memories.

Animal ABC Book Craft

Chronicle your favorite animals in this A-to-Z animal craft project.

When it comes to cool animal crafts, it all starts with your hands. Check out the wild animal house nail design in the next section.

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