Ant Activities

Invite ants to your next picnic with the Ants at a Picnic Activity.
Invite ants to your next picnic with the Ants at a Picnic Activity.

Kids who are curious about science, animals, or insects will love trying these ant activities for kids. From an easy-to-build ant farm to a set of experiments you can conduct in your own backyard, these activities open up a world of fun and spark a love for learning.

Curious kids will enjoy observing the fascinating behaviors of ants. These ant activities are great for groups of kids, too. Try them at a birthday party for a fun and educational twist on the traditional party game.

Follow the links below to start these great ant activities:

Ant Farm

Make your own ant farm by following the simple, detailed instructions in this article.

Ants Go Marching Nail Design

Ants make a fashion statement with this adorable ants-at-a-picnic design for your nails.

Deadly Doodlebugs Activity

Ant lions are the larvae of insects called doodlebugs. Complete this activity to watch the deadly ant lion larva snare an ant.

Ants at a Picnic Activity

Tired of ants crashing your picnics? Try inviting them instead. Find step-by-step instructions for this cool ant activity.

Hungry Ants Activity

Kids get to investigate which foods ants like best in this interesting ant activity.

Observing an ant farm is one of the best ways to learn about ants. Learn how to make your own ant farm in the next section.

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