Pair Bold Shades With Neutrals

Yes, even classic bright red lipstick is best paired with neutral makeup tones.

Paper Boat Creative/Digital Vision/Getty Images

From turquoise eyeliner to bright fuchsia lipstick, it seems like every season brings a new must-try makeup trend. The secret to pulling off these bold shades in the real world lies in wearing only one eye-catching color at a time. Choose one feature to show off, then stick to neutral, subtle shades for the rest of your face. Go ahead and apply that daring chartreuse eye shadow, but be sure to pair it with a more subdued pink or clear lip gloss. Dying to try that hot new tangerine lipstick? Balance out your look with neutral or pale pastel eye shadow. From seductive smoky eyes to classic red lips, be sure keep this one rule in mind: The more you play up one facial feature, the more you should play down others to avoid a potential makeup meltdown.