Types of Teens: A Field Guide to Teenagers
Group of diverse teens sitting on couch

Teens often identify with a certain group or subculture, but not all do.

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Ever feel like an anthropologist trying to decipher the odd customs of the tribe known as teenagers? Cliques and subcultures are always forming based on attitudes, styles of dress, and tastes in music. This guide will help you to identify the group where your own teen belongs.

First off, don't panic. Even as they try to fit into a social group, teens are struggling to find their individual identity. So, strange behavior, outlandish dress, wacky hairdos -- it's all par for the course. And if you find it hard to understand, well, that's the point.

If you're tempted to laugh or tear out your hair, just remember that you were a teen once, too. Who can't pull out at least one cringe-worthy snapshot from those years? Keep in mind that while teens may fall into categories, each one is unique. So, be sure to look at the complete person, not just the pink hair. Talk to them. Praise them when you can -- their self-esteems can always use a boost.

Now, let's delve into this foreign culture and have a look at some of the types.