Best Movies About Being a Teenager
cast of "Harry Potter"

Underneath all the wizardry, the Harry Potter film series has a lot to say about being a teenager.

Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

Admit it: You love movies about being a teenager. We all do. Adolescence is a trying time, so it's not surprising Hollywood has often sought to examine the teenage ethos. And we're not only talking about lame melodramas. Teens and their problems can be found in every genre from romance to science fiction, and teen woes are featured in many of the best, most memorable films of all time. Just try to imagine "Titanic" without an adolescent Jack and Rose or "The Goonies" with a team of 20-something protagonists. That just wouldn't work.

But finding a quality teen-focused flick can be hard. For every "Back to the Future," there's a "Teenagers from Outer Space" (trust us, it's not good). That's why we've sat through countless teenage tears, rebellious glares and first kisses to bring you a definitive list of the best, most iconic teen movies of all time. We'll even examine the teenage-minded ideology of each film, so be prepared to learn why John Travolta's rebellious swagger in "Grease" belies his character's personality and why muggles can make really good friends.

First up, learn who played an anxious teen before he became an eccentric celebrity.