Match the states to their capitals.

Match the states to the capitals with this memory game.

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State Capitals Matching Game

The state capitals matching game challenges kids to match the capital to the correct state. Made with craft sticks, this indoor game is a great way to remember states and their capitals.

What You'll Need:
  • Reference books
  • 100 large craft sticks
  • Markers

Step 1: Print the names of all the states on craft sticks.

Step 2: Next, print the name of each state capital on a separate stick.

Step 3: On the back of matching sticks, you can draw the state flower or state bird for each set. Then when you play the game, you'll know that if the backs match, you've correctly matched the state with its capital.

Step 4: Now it's time to play the game! Lay all the sticks on a big table or on the floor. See if you can match the states to their capitals.

The state capitals matching game can be a great way to test memory skills. Find out how to test your ability to portray emotions on the next page.

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