How to Make Paper Flowers

Make individual paper flowers or go all-out with this paper flower bouquet!

Making paper flowers for kids is a fun paper activity, and the flowers kids make will last a long, long time! All it takes is some colorful tissue paper and a healthy dose of imagination. Use our step-by-step instructions to make a paper flower garden.

Learn how to make paper flowers for kids with the craft instructions on the following pages.

  • Paper Carnations These sweet, simple flowers will be the center of attention.
  • Paper Roses These roses don't wilt, they don't have thorns, and they can be any color of the rainbow!
  • Tiny Paper Flowers These tiny paper flowers make a big statement.
  • Tissue Bouquet Why stop at just one? Craft a whole bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Learn to transform used wrapping tissue into a gift of paper carnations in the next section.