10 Honeymoon Horror Stories You Have to Hear

Over Before It Started

This tale is a blast from the past with a modern moral.

Ed and Barbara met when he returned from serving in World War II. Barbara says he courted her with the fervor of a man in love: flowers, love letters and, in the pre-seatbelt era, he'd hold his arm across her in the car when he braked suddenly. It wasn't long before Ed popped the question.

A happy engagement turned sour for Barbara, who noticed that all of Ed's efforts to celebrate, praise and protect her stopped. Moments before the wedding ceremony, she finally asked him why. "Because I don't have to," Ed explained. He knew she never would've accepted his proposal if he didn't act chivalrous, and since he'd won her over, he didn't plan on keeping up the act.

Ed underestimated Barbara (who is a no-nonsense firecracker of a lady even today at age 85). Decked out in her gown and minutes away from the vows, Barbara told him how it was going to be. To save face, she'd marry him and go on the honeymoon, but they'd sleep in different rooms and get the marriage annulled three months later.

At the hotel in Florida where they honeymooned, she chatted up a handsome desk clerk … and the two got married a year later!

The Moral: Players can't fake it forever. Date Mr. Charming long enough to learn if he's all that he appears to be.

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