Guide to Finding an Evening Dress

Show Your Assets

In any given season, there are hundreds of evening dress styles on the market. You may see a trend toward a particular color, neckline or skirt length, but there are still lots of options to choose from. Although all this bounty may seem bewildering, dress styles fall into specific categories -- just like daywear. If you know that a belted dress, especially if it's two-toned, will tend to make you look short, it's a sure bet an evening dress with a similar design will do the same thing. Daytime or nighttime, the same rules apply.

There can be a gray area here, though. Evening wear styles may be more revealing and daring than what you're used to. Strapless, backless and halter dresses can be very attractive -- on the right figure. Making your bare skin a consideration in your fashion choice could take some getting used to, though. The same goes for choosing tight garments. If you have a bodacious booty, a whisper of spandex in the garment you choose will help you show it off. Too much, or not enough, and your backside could end up looking like a sausage patty or a bag full of hamsters. Don't panic. Shopping with a friend you trust or even just making sure you have access to a three-way mirror will help enormously.

Here's another pretty reliable rule: Always accentuate the positive, like your toned arms or long, slender neck. This showcases your best features and draws attention away from areas you're not quite as fond of, like your so-so legs.

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