How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner

Men and Their Waistbands
Wearing the old waistband from college is not hiding that gut.
Wearing the old waistband from college is not hiding that gut.

Men in our lives: We have something to tell you. You're not fooling anyone by wearing your old-sized jeans -- with the band tucked way under your protruding belly. Sure, you may wear the same pant size that you were in college, but your stomach has morphed, and it shows. Here are a few tips using the same concept for achieving balance in proportions:

Beer Gut: Lots of guys carry a little extra weight around the middle. Structured, boxy jackets in stiff fabrics like leather help balance larger stomachs. Wearing shirts untucked will disguise a belly; but men should make sure shirts fall no lower than the bottom of the crotch area. Also, guys should avoid pants that narrow at the ankle and fit under the belly as opposed to over it. Try pants with wide, straight legs - this will help balance the stomach area -and make sure the pants fit in the crotch. You can also trick the eye from your mid-section with a blazer or sweater. Another trick for drawing the eye up and down vertically is to add a scarf.

Barrel Chested: Barrel-chested men need to make sure their clothes are big enough through the shoulders, even if they have to buy a larger size so that the shoulders fit, then have the clothes tailored in other areas. A boxy sweater with a v-neck will draw attention to the face, while a wider-cut pant leg adds substance on the bottom, bringing a larger top half into better balance.

Love Handles: Some guys carry their weight on their sides and hips. For these men, dark sports jackets and good-quality top coats are the best bet. The right coat will camouflage love handles and add volume to the upper body, which helps balance a bulkier lower half. Experiment with a bright, lighter-colored shirt underneath and stick a handkerchief with a splash of matching color in the top jacket pocket to draw attention to the face.

By now we've all figured out our body types and are dressing them accordingly. Read on for some universal advice that will help anyone, regardless of body type, look 10 pounds thinner.

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