How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner

Fibonacci Your Fit with the Golden Ratio
Fibonacci your fit with the golden ratio.
Fibonacci your fit with the golden ratio.

There's a number called phi (1.6180339. ), derived from the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21. ), and it has amazed scientists since its discovery. So what does it have to do with beauty? Turns out, everything. The Fibonacci sequence reveals a symmetry - the golden ratio - found in nature, one that the human eye finds highly pleasing. In fact, the more symmetrical a person's features are, the more "beautiful" that person is perceived as. So it makes sense that applying the same concept to dressing your body can yield the same results. To achieve a symmetrical-looking appearance, try these tips for balancing different parts of the body:

Top-Heavy: Top-heavy women should invest in a really great bra and avoid skinny jeans and other cuts that make the lower half appear disproportionately lean. Match a darker color on top with a light-colored A-line skirt that falls just below the knee for a more balanced overall look. Look for shirts that cinch in below the bust line - often the smallest part of the torso - to achieve an hourglass shape.

Larger Bottom: The 1980-long-sweaters-over-leggings trend is back! But pear-shaped women should steer clear from this look since it could exaggerate your bottom and make your legs look stumpy. Instead, try a shirt with a collar that draws the eye toward the face, a three-quarter length coat or an A-line skirt to bring your booty into balance with the rest of your body.

Larger middle: Skinny jeans and low-rise jeans are not friends of a larger middle. They can distort your body by pushing your skin into unflattering configurations, such as the dreaded muffin top. The trick is to fit your largest part first and work from there. You should pay particular attention to where the crotch seam begins, making sure if fits well. Typically, higher rise jeans with a flare tend to balance out a larger middle. Try to stay away from form-fitting shirts with the exception of a ruched shirt, in which the fabric has been gathered and stitched for a rippled effect that draws the eye into the waist, creating a cinched-at-the-waist look.

Curvy All Over: Curvy women benefit from more structured clothing, for instance a leather jacket that sits just above the hip, or a skirt that flatters your curves. Avoid frills and frippery; lacy, ruffled tops will only add volume. Instead, mix different fabrics or colors on the top and bottom to create a defined waistline. Deep v-neck blouses and dresses focus attention on your face and bust.

Investing in the right clothes for your body type will put you well on the way to looking 10 pounds thinner, but there's even more that you can do. Next we explore how the right shoes, makeup and accessories can add height, thin your face and balance your outfit.

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