10 Fashion Icons for Real Women


Katharine Hepburn

Keystone/Getty Images

Thank you, Katharine, for your closet. In it, you stocked a feminine take on men's trousers, loose-fitting button down shirts and loafer-style shoes. And while this may seem unremarkable now, years after you first hit the Hollywood screen in 1953, at the time it was nothing short of extraordinary.

Hepburn's menswear-inspired wardrobe provided stark relief at a time when the fashion industry was on a Marilyn Monroe-high, bursting at the seams with curves and kittenish appeal. Her stylish departure signaled a change for women everywhere, who no sooner noticed her style than took to replicating it on their own. Ms. Hepburn may have done more for women's comfort than anyone else since. Again, we say thank you.

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