How to Highlight Your Cheekbones

highlight cheekbones
Bring out the beauty of your cheekbones.

Prominent cheekbones are a highly admired trait of a face, so it's no secret why women of all ages are getting cheek implants that accentuate their cheekbones. High and definable cheekbones seem to set the stage for other features. They could be compared visually to the function of a muscle, which helps define a body part with a pleasing shape. Genes certainly help, but if you weren't blessed with your grandmother's striking cheekbones, you'll be happy to know that makeup can help.

Highlighting cheekbones with makeup is a lot like creating drama in a lighting scheme. You have to visually separate the areas that you want to expose and the areas that you want to keep in the shadows. When done correctly, it can make quite an impact. When you apply a product that is darker than your skin tone, it creates a shadow, which gives the illusion of depth. Since dark colors absorb light, the area seems to sink in, much like those dreaded dark under eye circles. But in the case of cheeks, it's flattering. In order to get started, you need to be able to identify your cheekbone, which can be a little more difficult when it's not prominent.


Tips to Find and Highlight Cheekbones

highlight cheekbones
Smiling always helps!

To locate your cheekbone, place your powder brush horizontally between your ear and your chin and run it up your cheek until you feel bone. You can also smile and locate the apple of your cheek -- the round place that's sort of pillowlike, where we're told to apply blush. Identify the apple and the bone is certain to be close by. Once you have your foundation applied, you can start working on your cheeks. Using a matte bronzing powder, start by applying a line of shadow under the cheekbone using a foundation brush. Then grab your blush brush and blend it down and out to make it look like a natural shadow. You can also apply the bronzing powder toward the temples and along your hairline to help accentuate your cheekbones. Then take a highlighting powder, which is a white or sheer powder, and apply it with your brush blush across your cheekbones.

To complete giving your cheeks that sculpted look, you'll finish by applying a color of blush that specifically flatters your skin tone. Using your blush brush, apply the blush along the area where the highlight meets the shadow and then on the apples of the checks; just be careful not to get the blush too close to your nose. To ensure this, use the rule of thumb to leave a space of two finger widths in between where the blush starts and the nose. It should be noted that highlighting is best for day makeup, while shading and highlighting together works better for evening, because it may be too prominent in the daylight.


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