How to Hide Body Blemishes at the Beach

By: Denise Harrison  | 

Tips for Hiding Body Blemishes at the Beach

spray tan
A spray tan does a great job of smoothing out uneven skin and hiding blemishes like cellulite and stretch marks.
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Whether you're looking for an emergency, last-minute fix or a more permanent solution to hiding blemishes at the beach, there are a variety of options. For cellulite, some swear by a thorough loofah scrub followed by cellulite cream. For scars, stretch lines and other relatively small unwanted spots, a waterproof body concealer can last long enough for a beach outing. Airbrushing, too, can mask unsightly marks for up to 12 hours. Airbrush makeup artists apply the sprayed-on makeup using an electric air compressor that emits a very fine spray, making it easy to apply just a little coverage with a quick pass over the skin or heavier coverage with multiple passes over the same area.

One of the best and easiest solutions for covering cellulite, birthmarks, scars, age spots, freckles and stretch marks is tanning. A waterproof spray tan, either over the counter or applied professionally at a salon, can even out most discolorations. Don't use a tanning bed or the sun to get a tan; not only is overexposure to the sun dangerous for your health, but because scars and stretch marks have no pigment, a real tan will only make them more pronounced.


If your body blemishes are serious enough, you may want to look at a more permanent solution. A dermatologist might be able to reduce your blemishes with laser or microdermabrasion therapy. Or if your scar or birthmark is relatively small and in the right location on your body, consider a tattoo to turn that embarrassing flaw into a conversation piece.

There is one last piece of advice: Just be confident. Unless your embarrassment over your blemishes is debilitating, hold your head high, be yourself and thoroughly enjoy your day at the beach. That's what you and everyone else will remember most.


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