Snow Activities

Examine Snowflakes

Examine the differences between snowflakes.
Examine the differences between snowflakes.

You've heard that no two snowflakes are alike, right? Examine snowflakes and see if that's true.

Examine Snowflakes

What You'll Need:

Black construction paper

Magnifying glass

Do this activity on a snowy day. Put a piece of black construction paper outside where it's cold, but not where it will get snowed on. Let the paper chill for several minutes.

Then catch snowflakes on the paper and look at them under a magnifying glass.

Are they really all different from one another? In what ways are they all alike? Scientists have found that snowflakes come in seven basic geometric shapes. However, snowflakes have infinite different -- and beautiful -- varieties within those categories.

When you go inside, you might want to draw snowflakes as they looked under the magnifying glass.

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