How to Plan a Baptism

Celebrate your little one with a fabulous baptism bash!
Celebrate your little one with a fabulous baptism bash!

A baptism or christening is both a spiritual and a social event. It's a celebration of faith, life and hope for the future. Baptisms are like weddings in that they reflect religious as well as cultural and social traditions. From a planning perspective, that means there can be a number of details involved in the process. And since others will be called on to play important roles in the ceremony, putting together a schedule and keeping everyone informed is important.

For some couples, an impending baptism can have another purpose, too. It's a time that encourages new parents to take a closer look at the way they view their faith and relationships. Interfaith marriage is one example of a family situation where confusion or conflicts can arise relative to baptism that may require analysis and earnest reflection. Another consideration is the choice of friends or family members who will stand as spiritual advisors and be willing to take on the significant roles as godparents in your child's life.

After the spiritual elements of the baptism have been addressed, there's the party to consider, too. Baptisms are joyous times. They're often occasions when family unity and harmony is at its strongest. Like weddings, baptism party celebrations can be small and intimate or large and elaborate. Your circumstances, style and budget will determine whether a party is a good idea and what type of party will work best.

From scheduling the event with your church to putting together the invitations (or announcements), there are time-sensitive arrangements to make. On the next couple of pages, we'll help you prepare a checklist and offer a few practical and fun suggestions for an unforgettable day.