5 Affordable Birthday Party Locations


Indoors With Arts and Crafts

With the right kind of creativity, an indoor party at home can provide hours of fun.
With the right kind of creativity, an indoor party at home can provide hours of fun.
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Your own home can also be the perfect, low-cost party venue. A rec room, dining room or living area can be turned into party central with relative ease. Temporarily rearranging some of the furniture will provide you with more space for games and activities. (You might also consider relocating any breakable knickknacks before the guests arrive, just to be on the safe side.) Plan specific activities for the partiers, rather than letting them loose; this will keep chaos to a minimum. Web sites like Kaboose have lots of great ideas for arts and crafts to keep your guests occupied and happy.

So, the next time a birthday rolls around in your family, keep these affordable party locations in mind!

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