How to Make Girls' Headbands

Bunched Headband Craft
Iron each end of the ribbon to form a crease.
Iron each end of the ribbon to form a crease.

Easy to make and easy to wear, this bunched girls' headband works for sports, school, or everyday fun. Just slip it on and slip it off. It keeps your hair under control and adds a nice touch without much time or effort.

What you'll need:

  • 30" satin ribbon 7/8" wide
  • 30" satin ribbon 5/8" wide
  • 18" elastic 3/8" wide

Step 1: Fold back each end of both ribbons 1/4-inch to the wrong side. Iron the ends to form a sharp crease.

Step 2: With right sides up, lay the 5/8-inch ribbon on top of the 7/8-inch ribbon and center it from side-to-side. Pin the ribbons together to hold them in place. Neatly sew the two ribbons together along the edges of the 5/8-inch ribbon.

Pin the ribbons together and sew.

Step 3: Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic. Insert the safety pin between the ribbons at one end and use it to feed the elastic through the ribbons.

Feed the elastic through the ribbons.

Step 4: Remove safety pin. Overlap ends of the elastic and sew them together securely.

Sew the ends of elastic securely.

Step 5: Now overlap the ends of the ribbon and sew them securely as well.

Sew the ends of the ribbon securely to finish.

This style is great for infants who don't quite have a full head of hair. Use a few inches less material for a comfortable fit, and maybe add a cute appliqué.

Use a cute appliqué to add some charm.

Add some contrast and texture to the headband by using a material that has eyelets in place of the satin ribbon. Simply run a colored ribbon back and forth through the eyelets before you begin. For a final touch, tie a bow with an extra piece of colored ribbon and sew it on.

Add texture with eyelet-style ribbon.

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