How to Make Girls' Hair Barrettes

A gathered rosette is one of many types of hair barrettes you can make.
A gathered rosette is one of many types of hair barrettes you can make.

When Mom (or maybe Grandma) was a girl, barrettes were worn primarily to pull back her hair away from her face. Today, though, barrettes have become as much a fashion accessory as a tool for keeping hair out of your eyes.

You've probably seen a variety of decorative hair barrettes at department stores or specialty boutiques. Barrettes can look pretty or whimsical or glitzy -- it all depends on the materials used. But you don't have to buy your hair accessories; you can make barrettes yourself. It's a fun craft that lets you make your own fashion statement.

Looped Barrette

Colorful ribbon and crayons make a looped barrette special. Learn how to create one.

Gathered Rosette

Make a gathered rosette barrette with ribbon and a few simple stitches.

Balloon Barrette

A balloon barrette is quick and easy to assemble -- and it's perfect for parties. Try to make one using these easy instructions.

Barrette Topper

Barrette toppers let you get creative. You can put anything on the topper, from paint to candy. Find out more.


What could be cuter? Check out the smoochy red lips attached to this pinwheel barrette.

Lace-n-Flowers Barrette

Just right for a special occasion -- here's a pretty barrette that uses eyelet lace and silk rosebuds. See how to create it here.

A looped barrette looks great, and it's fun to create. Keep reading to find out how to make a looped barrette that uses crayons as decoration.

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