Writing Activities for Kids

Journal Writing Activity

Keep precious memories and thoughts alive with a journal.
Keep precious memories and thoughts alive with a journal.
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Kids can document their young lives when they try this journal writing activity.

For generations, diaries and journals have not only helped writers understand their world, it has also given readers in later times a chance to know what life was like in the past.

What You'll Need:

  • Journal
  • Pen or pencil

Encourage kids to keep a daily or weekly journal of thoughts about their lives. Have them write about what they like to do, to eat, to see, to enjoy. Put in details likely to change in coming years, including what things cost, political leaders, and popular styles of clothing.

Years later, kids will find it interesting to read through their old journals. And who knows? Maybe future generations will be grateful for the records of kids' impressions of today.

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