Writing Activities for Kids

Try this pass it on writing activity and write a story with a group of friends.
Try this pass it on writing activity and write a story with a group of friends.
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The writing activities for kids in this article are a great way for kids to get in touch with their creative sides. Children that are already strong readers and writers are sure to enjoy these writing activities.

Words can be so much fun when you add a little imagination into the mix. Do your kids have a creative streak? If so, why not test their ability to create something magical with words.


In the right hands, language can be a powerful and awe-inspiring instrument, and these writing activities for kids are a great first step to understanding the limitless possibilities of the written word.

Mix and Match Story Activity

Do stories with predictable beginnings, middles and ends bore you? Try our mix and match story activity and enjoy the funny, unpredictable results.

Pass It On Writing Activity

Writing is usually a solitary activity, but with the pass it on writing activity kids can work on a story with their friends and family.

Writing Poetry Activity

Do your kids have a passion for big words and emotion? Have them try our writing poetry activity. Don't worry about their poems not rhyming -- emotion is the only necessity.

Journal Writing Activity

Kids can use this journal writing activity to start jotting down their thoughts, opinions and ideas. It'll be fun for them to look back a couple of years from now to see how they used to be.

Wild and Crazy Monsters Activity

This wild and crazy monsters activity blends humor, words, and scary monsters into one big mix.

Silly Poem Writing Exercise

This silly poem writing activity lets kids transform a favorite poem into something funny and memorable.

Journal Jam Writing Exercise

With this fun journal jam writing exercise, kids can join a tradition of journal writing -- somebody may very well discover their thoughts some day in the future!

Name Art Activity

Kids can try this name art activity and make their names jump off the page.

Cards of Wonder

Encourage your kids to let their favorite authors know how much they appreciate their work.

The story activity on the next page opens up a world of possibilities for kids' stories. Keep reading to learn more!

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