Paper Art Crafts for Kids

A paper basket is just one of the cool crafts you'll learn about in this article.
A paper basket is just one of the cool crafts you'll learn about in this article.
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Paper art crafts for kids are easy, fun, and best of all, inexpensive. All you need are a few pieces of paper and some imagination to have a ton of fun creating all sorts of projects that you can show off to your friends and family.

Whether it's making a special tablecloth for the holiday table or making bookmarks for somebody who needs a lift, you're sure to find a paper art craft here that you'll enjoy.


Follow the links below to begin exploring the world of paper art crafts:

Bookmarks the Spot Paper Art Craft

Make someone's leisure reading even more fun with the Bookmarks the Spot Paper Art Craft.

Custom Calendar Paper Art Craft

Remember all the special days of the year with this cool calendar that you can personalize.

Special Tablecloths Paper Art Craft

Make a special tablecloth for your dinner table.

Clothesline Basketry Paper Art Craft

All you need is some clothesline and some paper to make a special basket.

Cornucopia Copies Paper Art Craft

This paper art craft is a real horn o' plenty o' fun. Learn how to make it here.

Bib Puppets Paper Art Craft

Try on a whole new look -- stand behind one of these bib puppet paper art crafts.

Ristra Paper Art Craft

This chili-pepper good luck charm is hot, hot, hot! Find out more.

Easy Artist's Easel Paper Art Craft

Create an art gallery in your bedroom to display all of your masterpieces.

Baskets & Boxes Paper Art Craft

These paper baskets and boxes are perfect for storing your holiday cards and treats.

Artful Numbers Paper Art Craft

Even if you don't like math, you'll love playing with numbers with this cool craft.

Bag-It Wrapping Paper Art Craft

You'll never have to worry about wrapping an unusually shaped gift after you make these awesome paper gift bags.

Fancy Envelopes Paper Art Craft

Your friends and relatives will be extra delighted to get a letter from you when it comes in one of these fancy envelopes.

Personal Postcards Paper Art Craft

You don't even have to be on vacation to send out the awesome personal postcards you'll learn how to make in this craft. Keep reading for more information.

Word Wonder Magnets Paper Art Craft

Ever seen a word or a headline that inspired you? Hold on to that spirit with these terrific Word Wonder Magnets.

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