Word Crafts for Kids

Word-Search Puzzle

Make a word-search puzzle and see if you can you find yourself in the mix. This is your chance to make a word search of your own starring -- who else -- YOU!

What You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Copy machine

Step 1: First make a list of words that sum up who you are and what you like. Include your first, last, and middle name, of course.

Step 2: Think about what things make you unique. Do you speak Spanish? Put "Spanish" on the list. Do you collect glass horses? Include the word "horses" in your search. Do you jump rope for fun? Don't forget to include "jump rope."

Step 3: Mix those words, up and down, side to side, backward, and diagonally, in an ocean of unrelated letters. Make a few copies of your puzzle. Then see how long it takes your mom, dad, and best friend to find all the words.

Or wait a few days, and test yourself!

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