Tossing Games for Kids

Beanbag Bundles

Beanbag bundles challenges your aim.
Beanbag bundles challenges your aim.
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Make your own beanbag bundles, and toss them into tubs. This is one of the easiest tossing games to play, and even adults find it fun on game day! Make your own magic with this bean-bundling fun!

What You'll Need:

  • Self-sealing plastic sandwich bags
  • Uncooked beans or rice
  • Cardboard boxes or plastic tubs
  • Colored markers

How To Play Beanbag Bundles:

Step 1: Fill self-sealing plastic sandwich bags half-full of beans -- pinto, Lima, even uncooked peas or rice will do.

Step 2: Double-bag your beans, and squeeze out excess air -- they'll be less likely to spill or break.

Step 3: Decorate cardboard boxes or plastic tubs with brightly colored numbers. The higher the number, the farther away the tub should be from your starting mark.

Step 4: Now toss your beanbags into the tubs, and keep track of how many land in each numbered container. Add the scores for each container, then add the scores for all the containers together.

Step 5: Have other players take a turn throwing the beanbags into the containers. The player with the highest score wins.

You can compete against your own high score if you're playing alone.

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