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Tossing Games for Kids

Balloon Toss

The balloon toss game is easy to make and play.
The balloon toss game is easy to make and play.
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Test your aim playing balloon toss. This game is very similar to beanbag toss, but you toss flour-filled balloons instead. Play by yourself or compete with your friends!



What You'll Need:

  • Bag of regular party balloons; metallic balloons, four of each color per player
  • Plastic or paper funnel
  • Flour
  • Heavy poster board
  • Big cardboard box
  • Coffee mug
  • Jumbo marker
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape

How To Play Balloon Toss:

Step 1: Very carefully, slip a regular balloon inside a metallic balloon. Blow into the balloons to straighten out the inside balloon.

Step 2: Stretch the neck of the double balloon over the narrow end of the funnel, and fill the inside balloon almost full with flour. Securely tie off the end. Make 4 balloons for each player -- with each player having different colors.

Step 3: Find a piece of heavy poster board big enough to fit over a big cardboard box. Lay the poster board on the floor and trace around a coffee mug near the top center. This is the top of a "pyramid."

Step 4: Trace two more circles centered underneath the first circle. Leave about 4 inches between rows. Trace three more circles centered under the two circles.

Step 5: Cut out the circles. Over the top circle, mark "10" points. Over each of the two circles in the middle, mark "5" points. Over the remaining circles, mark "1" point.

Step 6: Lay the poster board over the box, and tape the edges down with masking tape.

Step 7: Stand back from the box about 5 to 7 feet, and toss the balloons into the holes.

Play by yourself, or have friends over for a challenge match. Players take turns throwing the balloons into the holes to score points. Start tossing balloons!

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