Tennis Games and Activities for Kids

Driveway Tennis

Getting to the tennis court every day may be impossible, but Driveway Tennis is a tennis game that lets you easily bounce a few at home. If you have a driveway and a smooth garage door, you can bat balls between games and work on the strokes you use the most.

What You'll Need:

  • Tennis racket
  • Balls
  • Relatively flat driveway with closed garage door

Step 1: Stand at the back of your cement driveway with your racket and ball in hand.

Step 2: Drop the ball at your side, standing in position ready to swing.

Step 3: As the ball bounces upward, use your racket to hit it toward your closed garage door.

Step 4: When the ball bounces back to you, pretend the volley came from a skilled competitor sending your best serve back over the net.

Step 5: Return the ball, but not too hard or you'll send it rocketing into the street.

Keep repeating the steps of this exercise to streamline your strokes and stay sharp between real matches.

Can you play tennis without rackets or a net? The answer is "Yes!" Look on the next page to find out how.

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