Sun Activities for Kids

Solar-Powered Pictures

Make some Solar-Powered Pictures!
Make some Solar-Powered Pictures!

Here is a great sun activity -- making solar-powered pictures using sunlight.

What You'll Need:

  • Flat objects like keys, leaves, and flowers
  • Safe scissors
  • Stiff cardboard
  • Flat pan, glass baking dish or sheet of clear acrylic
  • Light-sensitive paper (such as Sunprint brand paper)

First, assemble the materials you want to make prints from. Grass, leaves, and flowers make good prints. You can also look around the house for small objects such as keys, paper clips, and shaped erasers.

Cut a sheet of stiff cardboard a little larger than the printing paper. In a dim place, lay your objects on the cardboard and decide how to arrange them. Then set the objects aside and make a print.

Pour water in a flat pan and have it ready to develop your prints. Open the package of light-sensitive paper and remove one sheet. Lay the sheet on the cardboard, then arrange your objects on the paper. Set the glass baking dish or clear acrylic on the paper. Lift the whole stack and set in bright sun for three to five minutes.

Remove the paper and soak in the water for about one minute. Set your print in a dry, shady place to dry. You will see white shadows on a blue background.

Frame your finished prints and decorate your bedroom wall with them, or use them to make cards, bookmarks, party invitations, or anything you think of.

For another fun art project to make using sunlight, try the Sun Portraits on the next page.

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