Pebble Games and Activities for Kids

Believe it or not, pebble games and activities for kids have been popular for thousands of years. They're simple, they don't cost anything, and you can play them practically anywhere.

Indeed, there was a time when the youngsters of the world had to amuse themselves without the aid of a single arcade game, compact disc, television set, or computer.

In fact, the chances are pretty good that one or more of these industrious youths went on to be a grandparent of yours. Why not track down one of these grandparents and spend some quality time learning an old (yet new) way to have fun? The following pages are a terrific starting point.

Skipping Stones

All you need is the right rock and a little practice to master this pastime. Learn more about skipping stones.


This dice game dates back to ancient Rome! Find out how to play here.

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