Kite Activities for Kids

Construct a Kite
Make your own kite.
Make your own kite.

Learn how to make your own kite with this kite activity. You can let it soar on a windy day. In between flights, use your bedroom wall as a hangar.

What You'll Need:

  • One 12-inch wood dowel with 1/8-inch diameter
  • One 24-inch wood dowel with 1/8-inch ¬≠diameter
  • Strong string or cord
  • Ruler
  • Blunt scissors
  • Wrapping paper
  • Craft glue
  • Colored tissue paper

Step 1. Make a cross with the wood dowels. The longer dowel should be positioned vertically. Use a piece of strong string or cord to tightly tie the two dowels together at the cross section. Cut a piece of wrapping paper in a 16 √ó 28-inch diamond shape. Cut off the corners to make the tabs as shown. Place the crossed dowels in the center of the paper diamond.

Cut the wooden dowels.

Step 2. Put a dot of glue at the end of each dowel. Run a long piece of string around the dowel frame through the glue. Add another dot of glue to each end to cover the string. Let the glue set. Fold the wrapping paper tabs over the string and glue each tab in place. Let the glue set.

Cut the string and tie it around the dowel.

Step 3. To make the flight cord, cut a piece of string and tie each end to the horizontal dowel. To make the kite string, cut a long piece of string and tie it to the center of the flight cord. Tie a piece of string to the bottom of the vertical dowel for the kite tail. Make tissue paper bows to fold over the string and glue in place. Let the glue dry, then fly your kite!

Now that you've made your own kite, go to the next page to find out how to decorate a kite.

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