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Indoor Crafts for Kids

Simple Yut-nori

Play a game of yut-nori.
Play a game of yut-nori.
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Yut-nori has been popular in Korea for thousands of years. Learn to play this simple game and watch the time fly by!

What You'll Need:

  • Tagboard
  • 4 craft sticks
  • Sticker dots
  • Markers
  • Game pieces

Korean children traditionally play this game between Lunar New Year and the first full moon. But you can play this simplified yut-nori any time you like.


Step 1: To make a board, cut out a square or circle from tagboard. Place the sticker dots in a border around the outside of the square or circle.

Step 2: Designate one dot as the starting place by using a different-colored or different-shaped sticker or by coloring around that dot with markers.

Step 3: Decorate the four craft sticks on one side only.

How to Play: Each player takes a turn tossing the sticks in the air. The player then moves a game piece according to how the sticks land.

  • If all four sticks land with the decorated side up, the player moves four dots.
  • If three sticks land with decorations up, the player moves three dots.
  • Two decorated sticks move the player 2 dots.
  • One decorated stick means 1 dot.
  • But, if all the sticks land blank side up, the player moves 5 dots!

If a player lands on a dot where another player's game piece is resting, the second player must go back to the starting dot. The first player all the way around the board is the winner!

If you enjoy playing simple yut-nori, why not take a trip to the library and look for more information on the game and its place in Korean culture?

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