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By the Numbers Hopscotch

Play hopscotch with a 12-way twist.
Play hopscotch with a 12-way twist.
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A "By the Numbers" hopscotch game is a fun variation on an old favorite. You don't need to toss a stone or use a marker for this version of hopscotch -- just keep hopping on one foot and try not to step on the wrong square. Think it's easy? Give it a try!

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How to Play By the Numbers Hopscotch

Step 1: Make a grid of 12 squares on the sidewalk. (Squares that are 2 feet by 2 feet are a good size.)

Step 2: Number the squares 1 to 12. (You don't need to number them in any particular order, but do be sure that a number isn't more than 1 row away from the number that came before it.)

Step 3: Hop on one foot from square 1 to square 2 to square 3 and so on.

Each player's turn ends when he or she accidentally steps out of a square or lands out of sequence.

Does that seem too easy? Make it trickier for players by making them put their hands behind their backs and repeat the process.

Still too easy? Try jumping to only even-numbered or only odd-numbered squares.

Now, how about playing the game the traditional way? Keep reading to find out how to play hopscotch.

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