Hopscotch Games

As children's games go, hopscotch is not only one of the oldest -- some say it dates back to the early Roman Empire -- but it's also one of the most popular. It's fun to play, doesn't require a lot of equipment, and is easy to learn, all of which makes it great for kids of all ages.

The following articles offer different versions of hopscotch and other hopping games. All you need is chalk for drawing the playing area and rocks or small stones to use as markers. The hardest part may be trying to decide which one to play. Have fun!

By the Numbers Hopscotch

This twist on traditional hopscotch mixes up the number sequence for hopping. See how to get started.


Here's all you need to know about playing hopscotch. Learn more about the basic rules.

Hopping Games

Play these hopping games from different countries for a different kind of hopscotch. Find out how to play.

Gat Fei Gei

What's gat fei gei? The Chinese translation is "airplane hopscotch." See how to play.

Why not start your hopscotch games with a variation on the old favorite? Learn more about playing "By the Numbers" hopscotch.

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