Baseball Activities for Kids

Base Running Game

Try not to get caught when you play the base running game! It's a simplified variation on baseball that helps you practice some essential baseball skills.

What You'll Need:

  • Grass field
  • Objects to serve as bases
  • Small rubber ball
  • Players

Set up two bases on a patch of grass about 30 feet apart. Two of the players are fielders, each covering one base, and the others are runners.

The object is for the runners to move from base to base without being tagged as the fielders toss the ball back and forth in an attempt to lure the runners off base.

If a runner is touching a base, he or she is safe, but runners can't just hug the base -- they must run at least every second time that the ball is thrown by a fielder.

Any player tagged becomes a fielder, and the fielder who tagged the runner out now gets to run the bases!

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