After-School Games


Fore! There are no golf clubs or holes in this game. When your kids play Frisbee™ golf, all they need is a flying disc and an open space. Gather their friends together and pick out some targets around your yard. A target can be anything from a garbage can or a tree to a fence post or a big rock.

Be sure to steer clear of windows and other breakables. The last sound you want to hear is "crash!"

What You'll Need:

  • Frisbee™ flying disc
  • Open space

Step One: Decide the order in which you want to hit the targets.

Step Two: One at a time, each player should try to hit the first target with the Frisbee™.

Step Three: If a player misses, pick up the disc and throw it again from where it landed until it hits the target.

Step Four: Once all the players hit the first target, move to the next hole.

Step Five: Keep track of how many throws it takes for each player to hit each hole. Once all the targets have been hit, the player with the fewest throws wins the game.

Keep reading! The next game will have your kids standing on one foot.

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