After-School Activities

Use Clues of the Past to discover Mother Nature's past and present.
Use Clues of the Past to discover Mother Nature's past and present.
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Kids don't stop learning when they come home from school. The after-school activities for kids on these pages are entertaining, educational ways to engage kids and keep their curious minds working when they're not in the classroom.

From physically active hula-hoop games that teach cooperation to kite-making projects good for blustery fall afternoons, these after-school activities will provide hours of learning and laughs for your kids and their friends.


Category Hopscotch

Show kids how to use categories to make an old game of hopscotch brand new.

Classic Ringer Marble Game

Every self-respecting kid ought to know how to play a good game of marbles. Teach them how with the instructions on this page.

Chalk It Up

If your child is tired of her urban jungle, show her how to create chalk fantasy worlds with the activity on this page.

Loop the Hoop

This silly agility game gets kids working together to use a hula hoop in a new way.

Leaf, Leaf, Pinecone

Explore a nature spin on the old "Duck, Duck, Goose" game from your own childhood.

Kick the Can

This activity is old as the hills -- and as fun as it ever was. Show kids how to play a game their grandparents played, too.

High-Flyin' Fun

Go fly a kite! Teach your child to make his or her own special kite for those windy after-school afternoons.

Coded Message Kites

In this creative activity, your child can send a coded message to a friend or neighbor via a homemade kite. Learn how with some simple instructions.

Don't Back Down

This activity takes teamwork and timing. Show kids how to pair up and stand up without ever touching the ground.

Clues of the Past

There are signs of geological change everywhere we look. Encourage your child to find clues of Mother Earth's ever-changing face.

Put 'Er There

With some friends and some clothespins, your child can have a blast with this agility and concentration race.

Bent Out of Shape

Discover a racing game that will put your child and his friends into funny body positions as they head for the finish line.

Jump Rope Relay

This relay race uses jump ropes to get kids' heart rate up. Learn the rules for this basic racing activity.

Predator and Prey

Find out how the animals act in the animal world and teach kids how to mirror the predator and prey's behavior.

On the next page, learn how some "categorical" changes can alter a hoppin' game of hopscotch while teaching kids how humans classify their world.

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