After-School Activities

Put 'Er There

When kids play Put 'Er There, you can expect lots of laughter from the backyard. This after-school activity is an agility game that uses kids' hands, feet, and funny bones.

This game is more fun with more players.

What You'll Need:

  • Friends
  • Two pieces of rope
  • Eight clothespins

Divide the group of friends into two teams with an equal number on each side.

Lay the pieces of rope on the ground about 15 to 20 steps apart.

Each team should divide in half. Half of the team lines up behind one rope and the other half behind the other. Then one person on each team puts a clothespin between each finger on his or her right hand. (That means each kid will hold four clothespins.)

Now the fun begins! The two kids holding the clothespins run to their team members behind the opposite rope and pass the clothespins to a teammate with a handshake -- and they can't use their left hand to help. If a player drops a clothespin, she can pick it up but must then return to the starting line and begin again.

When the next team member has the clothespins between his or her fingers, that player runs to the other rope and passes them to the next teammate in line. The first team to pass the clothespins to all its teammates wins.

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