Science Projects for Kids: Current Electricity

Trickle Down Activity

In Trickle Down Activity, you can make a stream of water completely go in all directions. By simply using a comb charged with static electricity, you can bend the flow of the water. That's because when the neutral water becomes attracted to the charged comb, it moves towards it. Give it a try in this activity.

What You'll Need:

  • Balloon or comb
  • Cloth (wool, polyester, or nylon)
  • Faucet

Step 1: Charge a comb or balloon by rubbing it with a cloth.

Step 2: Turn a faucet on so the water falls in a slow, gentle stream.

Step 3: Place the balloon or comb near the falling water and watch how the water acts.

What Happened? By rubbing the balloon or comb, you caused it to have a charge of static electricity. The negative charge of the object acted to repel the negative charge that the moving water had, causing the water to change its path.

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