Easy Science Experiments For Kids

Want to know more about the world we live in? Sure, you could read about it in books -- but it's more fun to learn by doing, with an easy science experiment.

Easy science experiments for kids are simple projects and activities that will give kids fresh insight into the world around them.


Follow the links below for cool science experiments and activities.

Water Conservation Poster

Water isn't everywhere -- and you can show just how important it is to conserve it.

Salty Ice Experiment

Find out what effect a little seasoning has on freezing water.

Earthquake Fault Model

Model a slice of the earth's crust and an earthquake in the making.

Gummy Worm Dessert

Celebrate a successful experiment with a cold, wormy treat.

Do Plants Breathe?

Don't hold your breath while you await the results of this experiment -- you may be surprised by what you learn.

Keep reading to find out a way that you can demonstrate the scarcity of water in our world.

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