Easy Outdoor Science Activities For Kids

What will you meet on a micro-hike?
What will you meet on a micro-hike?
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Have you ever wondered what goes on between blades of grass, or what you can find flowing along with the water in a stream? An easy outdoor science activity for kids can help you find the answers.

There's a whole world out there, waiting to be investigated and explored.


Follow the links below for easy outdoor science activities for kids:

What's in a River?

Sift a stream and discover what the current is carrying.

Exploration Activity

Put yourself in the place of a famous explorer and see the world in a fresh light.

What's in the Soil?

You'll be surprised at the things that sprout and crawl from the soil in this experiment.


There's an amazing world under the soles of your feet -- just look a little closer!

Weather Bug Experiment

Find out how bugs feel about cold weather.

Rainbow Rock Collection

You can collect the colors of a rainbow -- right in your yard.

Rock-Rolling Experiment

It's a long way to the top if you want to roll a rock.

Noise Pollution Recording

That background noise may be louder than you think!

Experiment in Sound

See how sounds travels through different materials with this activity.

Wind Direction Watcher

Observe the direction of the wind as it blows along the clouds with a simple device.

Exercise in Imagination

Give your imagination a workout with these questions.

Keep reading to learn how you can discover what's in the water of a river.

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