How to Make a Wine Cork Corkboard

Creating a corkboard from used corks is a fun and easy craft project.
Creating a corkboard from used corks is a fun and easy craft project.
iStockphoto/Carmen Martínez Banús

It's always the same story: you try to keep your home organized and neat, but packrat tendencies seem to disrupt this process. It's hard to throw away that T-shirt from your first live concert, even though you haven't worn it in 10 years. You've got magazines and newspapers dating back decades. And every time you open a bottle of wine to celebrate, you tuck that cork away with all the others.

Should you decide it's time to clear your home of useless knick knacks and clutter, throwing away these sentimental objects isn't your only option. There are plenty of crafts and projects you can do to recycle and re-use these available materials, allowing you to hold on to them for years to come. Your memorabilia is a great supply for crafting projects and that collection of wine corks is no exception.

It's a common practice to hold onto the corks -- and sometimes bottles -- from the wine consumed on a special occasion. Whatever your reason for keeping those corks all those years, here's an idea that puts them to use while creating a decorative keepsake. You can take the individual corks, put them together and create a corkboard for use and display [sources: Re-Nest, Shea]. Not only have you recycled a product that would most likely end up in the trash otherwise, you've created an organizational tool for your home.

If you don't have enough corks presently in your possession to make a wine corkboard, host a wine-tasting party. Once you have a few friends over, you should collect plenty of corks for this craft. To get started, check out the next page for the supplies and instructions to make a wine cork corkboard.