Ultimate Guide to Recycled Soda Bottle Crafts

Recycled Soda Bottle Mobiles

A themed soda bottle mobile is an inexpensive craft that's perfect for a baby shower gift or a decorative addition to a child's room. To create a fish mobile, you'll need four 1-liter plastic bottles with caps, scissors, a stapler, two wire hangers, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, googlie eyes or buttons, glue, a thumbtack, fishing line, duct tape and ribbon [sources: Jackson, Reyzer].

Rinse out the bottles, dry them and remove the labels. Remove any glue residue with cooking oil [source: Jackson]. Then use scissors to carefully cut off the entire bottom of each bottle. Use a paintbrush to paint the inside of each bottle. You can experiment with designs or patterns to create different kinds of fish.

When your painted designs are dry, lay each bottle horizontally and pinch together the opposite sides of the bottle's open end. Staple the middle of these two sides together. Cut out a piece from either side of the staple to form fins and a tail [source: Reyzer]. Glue on buttons or googlie eyes for the eyes of the fish [source: Jackson]. Then push a thumbtack into of the top of each fish and thread your desired length of fishing line through the hole to hang the fish from the mobile. Knot the bottom of the string inside the bottle so it stays put. Repeat these steps for each bottle.

When your bottle fish are finished, assemble your mobile. Remove the cardboard bottom from each hanger so that the two wire arms remain. Tape the hooks of the hangers together and decorate them with ribbons and a bow. Move the four arms apart so that they are evenly spaced apart. Attach the fishing line to each end of the hanger, covering the joined ends with a bow [source: Jackson]. Then hang your mobile from the ceiling and watch the fish swim through the air!

If a soda bottle mobile is too quiet a craft for you, get ready to shake things up with a soda bottle noise maker on the next page.