Ultimate Guide to Recycled Milk Jug Crafts

When the milk’s gone, you can repurpose the plastic jug into something else.
When the milk’s gone, you can repurpose the plastic jug into something else.
iStockphoto.com/Tom Hahn

Every week, we hit the grocery store and stock up on the life essentials. We fill our carts with food groups spanning the pyramid -- pastas, bread, fruits, vegetables and, of course, milk. From a young age, we learn the importance of incorporating this nutrient-filled beverage into our diets, and we've almost always got cartons sitting in the fridge. But this plethora of plastic can be a detriment to the environment.

At the end of each week, hundreds of thousands -- if not millions -- of jugs are thrown in the trash. They end up in landfills with the rest of our waste where they'll sit for up to a century, waiting to decompose [source: Berea]. New plastic is constantly being produced to provide us with milk cartons and other goods.

Recycling is a great option to save landfill space and re-use existing materials. But it's also an option that many forget or simply don't do because of the added effort or time. If you find sorting and delivering your old plastic cartons to the local recycling center is a tough habit to build around your home, there are plenty of alternative options. And if you're crafty -- or simply economical -- they might be right up your alley.

Milk jugs are resourceful tools for a number of household projects. Whether your interests focus on nature, family fun, garage work, sports or working out, milk cartons can be a valuable material for your life. Their versatility not only provides you with a wide array of options, but the products you can make might even save you money. Here, you can find plenty of suggestions and examples of ways to make the most of your leftover milk jugs.

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