Ultimate Guide to Recycled Juice Box Crafts

Other Juice Box Craft Ideas

The list of juice box craft ideas really does go on and on. Here are three more great ways to reuse your juice boxes and have fun doing it.

Old juice boxes can be the perfect tool to introduce your youngster to gardening. Because they're waterproof, they're perfect for a garden planter. You'll need a juice box, some construction paper or paint (depending on desire to decorate), a glue stick, scissors, potting soil and some easy-to-grow seeds. Begin by cutting the top off of your juice box and rinse it out. When it's dry, decorate the juice box. Keep in mind that you'll be watering the plant, so if you use construction paper to cover the box up you may want to laminate it first. When you're done decorating, use scissors or a pen to punch three holes in the bottom of the box for drainage. Now you're ready to add potting soil and your seed. Just follow the planting directions that come with the seeds. You'll need to water the seed every couple days, but make sure not to use too much. These planters are small and your seed won't need much water to grow [source: Nick Jr.].

You can also use juice boxes to make homemade maracas. Aside from a juice box, you'll need a utility knife (to be used by parents), a wooden craft stick, construction paper, a glue stick, tape and four small jingle bells. Start by cutting a small opening in the top of the juice box and then place all four jingle bells inside. Then use construction paper to wrap the juice box like a present. Using the utility knife, cut a small slit in the bottom that is about the same width as your craft stick. Slide the stick into the slit and use glue to secure it in place. When it dries, you can decorate your new musical instrument however you'd like [source: Juicy Juice].

For a simple but fun project, make your own indoor golf course. You'll need six juice boxes, construction paper, and tape. (Of course, when you're ready to play you'll also need a putter and a golf ball.) Begin by cutting the tops off all six juice boxes, which you can then decorate with construction paper. You'll need two different color sheets of paper as the other sheet will be used as the tee. Each juice box and each tee should have a number on them, one through six. Other than that, you can decorate them however you'd like. Then, cut the paper designated for tees into small squares. When you're done, you can set the tees and holes up around your house, using furniture, pillows and anything else you might have as obstacles for each hole [source: Activity Village].

For a lot more ideas on how you can turn old juice boxes into arts and crafts projects, check out the links on the following page.

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