Ultimate Guide to Recycled Juice Box Crafts

Sturdy and square, juice boxes are the perfect crafting material.
Sturdy and square, juice boxes are the perfect crafting material.
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Over the years, crafty moms and savvy recyclers have come up with a number of ways to recycle junk from around the house and turn it into fun arts and crafts projects. One often overlooked material, though very versatile, is the juice box. Juice boxes are made out of plastic, paper and aluminum foil, all of which are perfect for arts and crafts. You can make plenty of items from a juice box -- it just takes a little imagination.

A small collection of old juice boxes and a few other arts and crafts supplies will be enough to keep you and your kids entertained on a rainy afternoon. You can make everything from a doll to a miniature golf course with no more than a few juice boxes, scissors, glue and some construction paper [source: Artists Helping Children]. As an added bonus -- these activities tend to be cost efficient. You probably already have most of the supplies you'll need lying around the house.

Aside from being composed of great materials for arts and crafts, juice boxes have one unique property that sets them apart. They're waterproof, which makes them perfect for projects such as a garden planter or a protective case for your iPhone [source: Nick Jr.].

So, if you find you have juice boxes stacking up in your trash, think of the many ways you could reuse what you've already got. Many of the arts and crafts projects in this article are a great way for you to spend time with your kids without having to spend an arm and a leg. You can make a train. You can make instruments and form a band. Try a few of these projects with your kids and then see if they can come up with some of their own. Their creativity might just surprise you.

Keep reading for a few great ideas on how to recycle juice boxes for fun art projects.