Ultimate Guide to Recycled CD Crafts

Recycled CD Photo Frames

No idea what to get grandma for Mother's Day? How about a picture of the grandkids showing off their pearly whites against a shiny backdrop?

Making CD photo frames is as easy as making holiday ornaments. Simply cut a picture into a 2-inch to 3-inch (5 cm to 7.5 cm) circle and glue it to the center of the CD's shiny side. Cover the back with felt, drill a hole in the top, loop a string or ribbon through the hole and there you have it -- an instant Mother's Day gift.

As an alternative, you could attach a magnet strip to the back so that you can hang the CD photo on the fridge. You can also cut the photo into different shapes. Instead of going for a standard square or circle, follow the actual outline of the kids and then paste the closely cropped photo onto a border of construction paper, felt or fabric. Use glue to secure the photo-covered fabric to the CD.

If you want the CD to be freestanding like a regular picture frame, you'll need to make a base. That's as easy as mixing some flour, water and a scoop of salt. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius), mix together 1 cup of flour, ½ cup of salt and ½ cup of water. Then mold the dough into the shape of a base.

You can make a square, rectangle or oval-shaped base but make sure it's at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep and 2 inches (5 cm) around so the CD doesn't fall out. Use cardboard or a knife to make a slot in the base and wiggle it back and forth until it's the right size for the CD to sit snugly inside.

Place the base on a cookie sheet inside the preheated oven and bake for up to two and a half hours. Remove the cookie sheet from the oven and let the base dry over night. The next morning, use acrylic paint to color and/or glue and glitter to decorate the base [source: Family Corner].

Once the decorations are dry, you're ready to slide the CD into the slot and put it on the bookshelf or mantel as an instant family heirloom.

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