10 Things Made from Recycled Wood



Many homes have kitchen islands or other counter surfaces suitable for eating, working on a computer or reading a magazine. Your living space may incorporate a bar that serves as the epicenter of social activity when guests visit on a weekend. Or maybe you've got a high-top table for recreation (low-stakes poker) or even as your primary dinner table. Any of these setups could probably use some extra seating that doesn't take up much space.

When designing your stool, take its height into serious consideration, as no other feature can potentially annoy your stool's occupant more than towering above a counter -- or having to reach up to its surface. Use existing stools at home to determine the optimum height as it relates to your counter/bar surfaces.

As long as you have wood long enough to suit your purposes, you more than likely have (or have access to) the supplies you'll need, such as sand paper, a saw, clamps, screws and a drill. In short, you'll want to produce four legs of even length first (easy enough if you're recycling wood from an old table or stool). Next, you'll attach the seat using wood glue, clamps and screws. Add stretchers -- bars of wood that attach two legs. Stretchers placed closer to the bottom of the legs double as foot rests.

Now that you've taken a seat, read on to open a new door.