Top 10 Recycled Plant Containers

Old Wooden Boats

We're not suggesting you transform your yacht (or even working fishing boat) into a home for your plants, but if you have an old wooden rowboat that's never going to cruise the pond again, it'll make a very cool and unique addition to your garden. Best of all, it doesn't matter what condition the boat is in. Regardless if it has holes and peeling paint or you just finished applying a new coat of varnish, it's sure to be a conversation-starter.

There's no wrong way to do this project. We're not talking about plastic tubs or old sneakers here -- it's a boat. You can put it anywhere and it'll stand out. You can simply tip it on its side, fill it with soil and have it be the centerpiece of your garden, or bury all but the prow in the earth so it looks like an ancient shipwreck that's sprouted an abundance of plant life. Virtually any plants you'd consider adding to your garden will work here, from flowers to dwarf trees.

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