Top 5 Recycled Items You Can Use in a Collage


Plastic Items

Bright plastic buttons like these can add texture and color to a collage.
Bright plastic buttons like these can add texture and color to a collage. Luck

Think of your collage as a puzzle. You're putting pieces together to form a whole. But in this case, the pieces don't have to fit exactly together. In fact, it's better when they don't. That's the point of collage and why it's called mixed media -- using all different kinds of materials in one piece.

Something to consider throwing into the mix is plastic items like buttons, board game pieces, beads, toy soldiers, miniature dolls, doll furniture, dice, soda bottles, plastic bottle caps, plastic eyeglass frames and barrettes [source: Collage College].

You can make an environmental statement by incorporating plastic bags or create an electronic theme by including a plastic computer circuit board in the design.

When it comes to collage, anything goes. But the good thing about plastic items is they will give your collage a three-dimensional effect, which adds texture and diversity to the mix. Don't be afraid to use weird color combinations or seemingly unrelated items like a toy soldier next to your favorite photo [source: Grant].

To hunt for interesting plastic objects, start in your house. Hit the kids' toy box, the recycle bin, the kitchen, garage and sewing box. Then take your hunt on the road. You can find compelling plastics at garage sales, flea markets and dollar stores [source: Collage College].

One thing to remember when using plastics is you need the right glue to make sure it stays attached. Veteran collagers recommend using adhesives like Golden Matte Medium, Liquitex or Tacky Glue [source: Collage College]. Then give it plenty of time to dry. If you're using a plastic item that may fold or bend when you apply the glue, use something heavy to keep it in place until the glue dries.

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